Rejoice! Website is up!

Rejoice Friends! I had a chance to get some expert help and now my new website is published to the web. You can check it out at

 There will be announcements of upcoming knitting class and a heads up for Guild members. Also my designs come up for sale periodically. And I am invited to show pieces from time to time.
 There will be lots of pictures of me. Because I give myself permission to show myself.
 Me, shaped like a munchkin. What happened to my legs? This is the Rainbow jacket I made this summer.
Even celebrities will flock to my website. Be the first one!


  1. Great work! A website surely is a good way to manage your knitting business. Many people would like to learn how to knit, but don't know where to ask; if they see your website, it'll be of great help for them. Just remember to make it easy for them to find your website and for them to contact you. Thanks for sharing!

    Pam Zimmerman @ Client Direct Marketing

  2. Wow! It's good to know that you already have your own website to cater for your knitting business. I'm just curious about your business progressed after the launch of your website. I hope that the number of buyers increased significantly soon after. In any way, thanks for sharing this! Have a great day!

    Alex Anderson @ Business Marketing Toolbox


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