Softly, in the early dawn light, the snow fell. The studio above the garage is at the right. The Yarn Barn, completed this summer, is to the left of the driveway behind some trees.
 Here is a serene shot looking across Turtle Bay. D.G.'s dock has been pulled into the bay for winter storage. Just over the dock are the neighbours' overturned boats. As the last couple out here for the season, we are witness to all being put to bed, under a blanket of snow.
 And now it is mid-morning, with larger snowflakes falling. The shot is taken from our Landing, over the boat launch ramp.
From the Landing looking back up to the main cabin (to the left of the driveway) and the garage and studio (to the right). It is nowhere close to winter time yet, although it does evoke that Winter Wonderland image.


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