If a tree is yarn-bombed in the forest....

...will it be warm over the winter? As a bit of a send off for the last other couple who left our lake shores today, I dressed up the trees a little bit. As you can see, all the leaves are down now and the forest is looking pretty grey. Not only was a little colour infusion necessary, but a little whimsy goes a long way.
 Even the rock inukshuk is sporting a woven scarf for the winter.
 This corner is the top of our driveway and provides a warm welcome!
 Most of the pieces of fabric came off the knitting machine this summer, as I was trying to teach myself how to use it.
 This woven scarf was a little test piece I wove on the rigid heddle loom after I repaired a crack in the wood. I was just grabbing random bits of yarn to play with.
 Behind these four bedazzled trees that is our new Yarn Barn. It was completed this year and is a fabulous addition to our property. Thanks BS!
Soon we will also be leaving our beloved camp behind, heading south for another wonderful winter in Texas. Upon our return it will be fun to be greeted with all this colour.


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