Starz in my eyes

I've been beetling away at my Sea Stars shawl project. A couple of hours and the whole thing will be done. I am just completing a border edge now. After which you will get to see the completed result. My girlfriend C is calling it Sea Starz, modified after the stitch pattern name, Sea Stars. So I have adopted this name for the past few days. And then a happy little coincidence came along. Yesterday had three really obvious freaky coincidences occurred but I'll just tell you about one. I found out that a very creative jeweller, Dalan Hargrave of Spring Branch TX will be designing and making my next piece of jewellery. I've been lugging around quite a few cut stones for years. I profess to being a collector and I do eventually have most made into jewellery that I design, or my late husband designed and made. It was time to get some of the blue-green stones assembled into one art piece. It will have something to do with a mermaid - I think that's all I'm going to tell you for now. When I found out, from my local jeweller, who would be making the piece, I was quite happy, I went to check out his website I knew he had developed the stunning star cut that is made into the back of stones, but I didn't know he spelled it starz. And check out his gallery of images, there's a mermaid there......I believe the starz are shining on me right now!


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