Lift... and separate

Do you remember the ads from way back when: The brassiere that was to Lift And Separate the girls.?? Well this is a good explanation for why it never rains in this part of the Hill Country. As the weather systems approach from the west they encounter the rising topography. Geologists have termed this area of exposed Precambrian rocks the Llano Uplift. It is a remarkable landscape feature that can be seen with some decent road tripping. As the warm wet weather reaches the slopes it begins to rise and cool. Some rain will come down as the clouds cool and carry more moisture. That's the lift.
But then there is the separate. As the winds continue to push the weather eastward the systems split in half and veer around this north part of the Hill Country. It's remarkable to see on the weather map radar; happening over and over again.

So because this region is "well endowed" it's a perpetual challenge for livestock and ranchers. You have my sympathies.


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