Pie Crust Purse

Somewhere along the line I decided that running a workshop for the area knitters would be a good idea. This, at a time, naturally, when I was quite busy already. Of course.
After some careful thought, a list of five or so possible topics, some discussion and rudimentary voting, we settled on a mosaic knitting workshop. It is the simplest of the colourwork techniques and lots of fun.
Then I set about to find a stitch pattern that would work. This is what I came up with. Since most of my stitch pattern books are at Home North, I relied on Vogue Stitchionary 3 to come up with the candidates. Pie Crust is the name, and a simple purse is the game.

So in preparation for the workshop I am writing up the unique design and blocking the pieces prior to sewing it all up. I will eventually line the purse for added strength. For my version number one I will use crepe myrtle branches that need to be pruned anyways. Many options are possible for the simple handles: chopsticks, drumsticks, thin spindles, antique straight knitting needles,,.....
Stay tuned Folks, for the exciting conclusion. And maybe some photos of the mayhem.


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