Some of what I saw

A Heidi Moment if there ever was one. Here we are at Washington-On-The-Brazos. This is the place to come and learn about Texas Independence and all the brave people who fought for it! Sigi is beside me and then Tika . The flowers are the State Flower - Bluebonnets. Just out in time for me that day! Texas. Come and Take It. The war slogan..
The accomodations were royal. At times I was able to vastly improve on this! Thanks friends. Texans are extremely kind and generous.

The most picturesque town in the hill country just has to be Fredriksburg. Strong German settler influence.

Oh here I am At Luckenbach. See D... proof I made it to the Shrine... Everyone is Someone at Luckenbach.

Could this be my future retirement home?????


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