The Tucson Gem Show and Bisbee too!

South of Tombstone Arizona and on the way to Bisbee, Arizona we spotted this ridge. The well bedded rocks seem to be truncated to the right by what might be an intrusion.
this is the Phelps Dodge mine in Bisbee. It closed in 1975. Over the years it produced 3 million ounces of gold and more than 8 billion pounds of copper. That's snow there. Plus the red pools are clearly metalliferous waters.

This fossil shark jaw is simply huge. If a six foot plus person stood in front their head would be centred in the jaws. There are four rows of serrated teeth in some places in this jaw.

We enjoyed viewing many exquisite fossils. There are also many art pieces (throughout other venues) that are not real, so a person has to be careful and know what they are getting into. of course, many are still very beautiful and can fetch a high price.

This trilobite is a very early life form that crawled along the sea bottom about 600-500 million years ago.


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