Snow and what else?

These shots are from Christmas Day in the neighbourhood. This bush walk is about 50 metres from my house. A great place to go wandering. You can see a little stab at a blue sky. Lucky the camera batteries were still working at that point, because soon after all that blue was gone. And today is uglier, with snow now turning to rain and freezing rain for the next day or more. Yuck. ( not funny whoever arranged for this). Didn't even go snowmobiling today.
For my dear friend in the very tippy toe of Italy, the little berries are mountain ash. It's a lovely tree that grows wild here but is also domesticated for gardens. Good thing some berries are surviving the intense cold we've had, because I heard a lot of birds in the bush yesterday. They will eat these berries.
So there's about a metre of snow everywhere and no end in sight. Shovelling happens oh maybe twice per day. Cursing about the shovelling goes on and on. Expecially when the snow thrower acts up and doesn't want to start.
I'm hoping the weather improves tomorrow and a gal can get out on the snowmachine or hit the highway to go visit friends.
But there's still lots of turkey lurking around town here, so off I go to see which family I can help with my incredible appetite! Ciao


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