Retirement Date Chosen

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all my great friends. I am trying to call everyone, but this is a slow process! have a great time with family and friends.

My big news today is that I have chosen my last day amongst the ranks of the employed. May Day. May One. First of May. I may go sooner if I get peeved off enough, but that's where I draw the ultimate line in the sand. May 1st. I managed to figure out a schedule for the last three months wherein I will work two weeks and vacation for two, alternating like that to the end. I can handle that. And I'll still be 49, so will be able to always say I was in my forties when I retired!

May Day, ironically the one day that much of the working world has as a day off, recognition for their sacrifices and hard labours, and I will work that day. I'm going to start practicing my cartwheels. I tell ya'....

I hope to escape to a hot or warm place for each of those breaks. Just warning you friends (in case you notice communications slowing down). And I'm open to hooking up for some holiday fun, especially if I can road trip there with my two dogs. So let me know.

February is already committed to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and to see old and new friends there. Can't wait. I've been shovelling and snowblowing twice a day now for a month and a half, and this February trip has kept me sane through it all. Plus a luxury gift of an MP3 player loaded up with great tunes; that really has helped. Music makes the world go better, eh?

My new music discovery and recommendation; courtesy of an Arctic friend, this is her cousin, Marc Andre Leger. Check it out and buy the CD at Wonderful blues vocals.

I have friends burning CDs for me, showing me how to use the danged MP3 player, singing to me over the phone. I feel so loved. Thank you all. You know how important music is to me.

So over the holidays, I wish that the happy tunes are playing all the time. Hug and love those people around you. You never know how long they will be around for. Cherish them. And don't take anyone for granted.

You've all made this a remarkable year for me. I couldn't made it as far as I have without you all .
Thank you.


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