You learn something new

Not one to have ever had lots of pictures taken of me, I am now scrounging around a little to find suitable pictures to place on an online dating website. Yeah, it was time to try something new. At least it is new to me. And although I have only signed up a few hours ago, some fine-sounding guys have said "hello".
It's a bit strange to first meet someone electronically. I'm so used to observing the facial expressions, the body language, etc. All that unspoken stuff. A shy smile, an impromptu giggle, a coy look, a fun little dance down the sidewalk. I suppose the email chats are just the foot in the door and then one can head down the more traditional path of actually meeting and gazing upon one another.
Somewhere I have some more interesting shots of snowmobiling in the arctic mountains and fishing the Quetico muddy pools. Now where did I put them????


  1. Congrats on being a la mode in the social world. My son and daughter-in-law met online and have funny stories about what it was like to meet in person after emailing for a while. As you say, you miss nuances of tone and body language -- but that might be a good thing at first (?). Good pix.


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