Mermaid's back!

Not that I want to be. Honestly, each time I go to camp now, it becomes harder to point the vehicle away and return to the job and the house. ( I warned my boss that it could happen soon, my "non-return"). I think it is because I am approaching the attainment of the DREAM. To build the garage and studio and to begin using it. I can taste it now folks. It is easy to visualize it now. I can start to use the studio even with the old furniture and stuff I have put in there just now. So I have my hand on the DREAM and can feel it. Basically the wool stash has to be transported there somehow - anyone have an eighteen wheeler?

Bear with me while I gloat and show you some pictures of the third and final propane stove. This one is in the studio. One warming shelf is still missing. There are some funky mitten warmers too. Take a look.
You pull the steel rod up and catch it on the edge of the shelf and hang your dog-hair covered sock. Or mittens. Very cool, don't you think? and yeah, I now have a dragon. You can see it as the decorative bracket under the warming shelf. Once the second dragon arrives, I will introduce myself and see about names.

And the weather was warm (above twenty celsius) for a couple of days. Fall colours were at their peak, what with the tamaracks all gold now. And leaves fluttering down with every breath of wind and perturbation of a blue jay's wing.

I was feeling morose at one point , thinking how the very last time my late husband was at camp was a year ago at Thanksgiving. When all of a sudden a bold blue jay landed right in front of me and just stared at me for the longest time. It wasn't scared of me or the dogs. Like it was saying "snap out of it!". My husband was very fond of birds,and so maybe this was a message from him........ don't dwell on the past in a negative way. Yeah, he was there for Thanksgiving and we had a blast. We had a great friend there, and shared great food and great times. That's what I have to be thankful for. Not what is lost and gone, but all the great things I still have.
Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Hy there Mermaid !

    I was curious, are there moose up there ? If so, can you take a picture of one ?

    I am orginally from Minnesota, and haven't seen one in a long time.


  2. Hi John;
    Well, I can sure try. The hard part is not steering off the highway while trying to do this. But if you noticed a post from 2-3 weeks ago, I sometimes drive and snap photos (bad gurrrrl). The other challenge is that they seem to come out to taunt us at night and less so during the day.
    I'll throw a camera into my truck. Happy Writing My Friend (I'm checking up on you!)


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