New Camera on the Way

So this image comes to you from a website that sells camera gear. Earlier this week I decided it was time to take the plunge and get a digital camera with a few more features. I especially wanted to be able to take good close up shots (which I can't do now with my existing digital).
The model I am getting is a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Looks like it will do the trick.
I especially love close up photography of things in nature. As a geologist and avid mineral collector I have specimens that are begging to be photographed. I even have the little studio set up already, a white box to help bounce the light around. And there' s lots of times that the rock shot I want to get is unatainable with the old fujifilm. I can do this with my Nikon SLR, but that is not was easy to get an image from film and onto the web.
Anyone else enjoy close up nature photography? I challenge myself to get so close that the object is no longer easily recognizable. I am threatening to one day organize my old negatives and slides and get some scanned in to show you.


  1. Hey, looks like you are getting a great camera! I have one of those smaller Canon cameras and take occasional closeups.

    You have some neat photos on your blog, and neat stories. It's good to find another geologist, which I found through Ron's Geology Picks on his website!

  2. Hey there, I see you're interested in Geology...that's awesome, because you'll love this site!

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