Yes, it's me

Yes, unless I state otherwise the photographs on this blog site are my images. There are a couple of images of fireplaces I took off the web some weeks ago, but that's only because mine haven't been installed yet.
I have loved photography since I got my first camera around 1971. I do believe I joined the junior high school's photography club.
Mostly I enjoy being out in nature and so my photos tend to be of wild places. Now that I have a garden I can't resist taking shots of that too.
What I especially like is taking very close up shots of things, to the point where the subject is difficult to recognize. All of those images date back to my SLR days and I will have to scan in the negatives at some point, to show you what I mean.
I don't tend to take a lot of shots within town or a city. Nor do a shoot a lot of people. Maybe I just recall how unconfortable I always felt when my Dad or others wanted to take photos of us and we stood squinting into the sun until it hurt. Never a fan of that.


  1. These are such gorgeous pictures. I am definitely not a photographer, but I love looking at what others have captured.


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