When I fall

Will you catch me? Okay. I bought a pair of skates today. I had a voucher from this store and so paid only 30 something for a pair of sale skates. Not a huge gamble. I used to skate every night when I was a kid and teen. It was integral to who I was. Just round and round on the side by side hockey rinks, outside in High Park, waltzes blaring over the ancient PA system. I could go fast. I could go backwards fast. I could twirl a little. And I could make the old european men smile when I joined them in a waltz.

I wore figure skates. But as a very tall woman, I outgrew the women's sizing a long time ago and haven't skated in about 20 years.

So now I have hockey skates. No toe picks. Armour and stiffness up the wazoo. Will I be able to skate I wonder? I will likely pass on the public skates that start Monday in the arena and wait until winter arrives. Early in the morning when the town is still snuggled under their comforters, I will teeter and wobble around the outdoor rinks. That's the plan. Oh, and as the fellow in the store joked, make sure my health insurance is totally paid up.

Lately I've been really craving winter. Honestly, I don't know why. Maybe the hot flashes are on the increase.


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