A walk and reflections

This is my favourite place to go for walks with my dogs. Carden Cove. It's very close to town, on the shore of Lake Superior. It is so tranquil here, and usually not choppy. Last year the beach was a lot wider, but with all the rain earlier this summer, the Lake is up quite a lot. That's okay - there's still enough room for us to goof around.
When my husband passed away my mother-in-love said that the hardest thing would be all the "firsts". By "firsts" she meant the first day back to work; the first Christmas; his first birthday. Having lost her husband some time ago, she knew this for a fact. And she's right. Today would've been my wedding anniversary.
But instead of dwelling on the past and getting depressed, I'm getting ready to face my future. There's nothing I can do about what happened. What I can control is where I go from here. That's where my energy is going.


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