Okay, I hear 'ya!

Dear Knitters;
Here you go. Two shots of the long overdue baby boy blanket. I wanted to do the double brioche stitch in narrow panels, so have made three. Two are the same and one is narrower. (by accident). Okay, so I was drinking just a little while doing this.....
I was happy to get to the end of the brioche part and in the heat of the last few days, couldn't bear to have this wool fluffy "mat" on my lap anymore. So the bright blue is just a simple, very fast, single crochet around and then as a seam to join them. Then one final round all the way around the outer edge. I haven't blocked this, as it is all superwash wool. I don't think it will block. But I did steam press the edges a little. You see the variegated main wool has Teflon in it, and a little acrylic. The instructions suggest ironing to bring it back to life. It is also supposed to be stain resistant (we'll see how long it will take for Baby C to make this a fib). Even oil resistant. Well well well.
The double brioche is a most lovely lovely fabric. I would recommend it where you need lightweight but warm. It has deep pockets that trap air all over. And in this particular yarn, the result is a very springy, lofty fabric.


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