Mystery Plant Identification

Hello My Fellow Gardeners; I've been in this house two summers now and I stil don't know what this plant is. (I can't seem to move photos around very easily in this format, so I am referring to the fourth photo. It grows easily in the corner of my garden, climbing the wooden fence and threatening my neighbours' extensive backyards. It has a woody vine. Little berry or grape-like clusters (could it be a wierd variant of a grape?). I don't even recall seeing the little berry-like things last year. And there are tiny pale yellow flowers.

So anyone out there with the knowledge?

And just because its so lovely, a couple more garden shots for my friends.


  1. I'd like to know myself. I think it's the same thing that's growing up the street side of our porch and effectively screening us from the neighbors. I think it's a weed -- but if a weed is so cheerful and well-behaved, it's no longer a weed, right?


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