Mink Falls

Meander with me over to Mink Falls. This little gem is close to where I live and is typical of the terrain and plentiful waterfalls in the region. Most are hard to get to. This one is not.
On a very hot day there is no place better on the planet than to be sitting under the water falls. Sans clothing is good too .
Anyhow, tonight was just an opportunity for photographs and to be with a friend.
We looked at the nepheline syenite rock and saw how the natural jointing in it made it weak along certain perpendicular planes. When the last glaciation event occurred around here, a mere 10,000 years ago, the huge ice sheets plucked these blocky boulders away and helped to produce this cliff.
While my dogs went wading and swimming, a couple was fishing a little below the falls. And as we were about to leave, a family arrived and sat for a picnic on the ledges above the falls.
A glorious day to be alive. Glad you meandered over here with me.


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