The Tide in Me

It would seem that all the cells in my body are regenerated on a twelve year cycle, and not the seven years I read about. I guess that's the difference in the mermaid physiology. Completing university and getting married; death of parent; end of marriage;death of second parent; death of second spouse.

After each of these events came a major period of self-evaluation and the determination of a new path. Losses and additions mean a temporary imbalance wobbles us. It takes awhile to find the right footing. It takes a while to allow proper healing of self.

And there's another cycle I've noticed that has to do with travel. I live under the influence of a twenty year cycle for revisiting places in Canada that I've lived in, worked in and visited. Twenty years is a long time, for sure. A lot changes happen in twenty years. Think about Yellowknife in 1981 and then picture it in 2001. Wow. It's not the same place.

And I'm not the same person.


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