Hints of Spring

I gaze longingly at photos of my garden. Last summer I had a garden for the first time in eons. The arctic is not conducive to gardening. So I've moved to a place that came with a mature perennial garden. The garden is a few weeks off though. It's still the north after all.

I am mesmerized. The garden is a place so full of insects, birds and other life. A daily joy is to make the rounds through the beds and see what new bud has opened. Some plants I can't identify until this happens. Marvellous flowers keep me enthralled all summer. The busy activity of bees and butterflies is fun to watch.

This summer I will live outside again. The satellite radio moves out, the dogs stay out all the time and the roof on the gazebo has to go up. Meals are taken outside and friends sit on the gliding chair. Pass me a beer.


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