Those Curves and Twists

Welcome to the first entry in my first blog ever. I'm not sure what brought me here today, but as a meandering mermaid, I often follow a distracting path. I admire some blogs that I have come across and see the value in communicating with the wider world. A mermaid if often alone and occasionally seeks companionship.

This mermaid has many interests and a few passions. Water, the ocean, large lakes and rivers are obviously vital to the mermaid. Photography of these homes and vacation spots is fun. Travelling to see these places is interesting. Knitting a shawl that mimics the rolling waves is a divine pastime. Writing little sonnets to crabs is one of the most worthwhile things. Studying an aquamarine crystal is mesmerizing.

By nature I am not one for straight and predictable paths. Unlike other blog writers, I can't guarantee what sort of topics will captivate me, at any given time. Chances are you will experience a little of what this mermaid's life is all about. Whatever that will be. Whenever it will be.

Come explore with me!



  1. what a lovely and captivating blog. i have a strong affinity to water too - it's good to see i'm not alone though i daresay yours is stronger than mine! ^.^

    - Rosie Typewriter


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