Shorelines. Where we cluster. Where animals and plants thrive. Tides carry the life in and out. In the arctic I had to see the ocean each day. It was like a vitamin that kept me boosted, psychologically. And each day that ocean looked different. In many years it never looked the same twice. It was incredible to realize this and study it.

The colour of the sea captivated me first. Blue , green, grey, tan, white, silver, black, all the sunset colours: it was all presented to me. Even an intense red one night, during an incredible display of aurora borealis. It was like a gigantic vessel full of blood.

The life in the ocean demanded attention. Whether flying overhead and spotting a pair of blue whales, or kneeling in the frigid shallows to scoop up shrimp, at every scale it teems with life. How could that rock float up and land on this shoreline? It was the way the kelp had attached itself to this chunk and then the kelp was swept up with the tide. Amazing.

I realized a long time ago that every art painting and photogragh I owned had water in it. Even the art I received from family members all had water in it. I am living on that shoreline and will continue to do so. I cannot tear myself away. I don't want to.


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