Somewhere in the world it is spring. Say "yes'. But not at my camp. A late season storm dumped 25 inches (you know it's bad when Canadians resort back to the Imperial system) just two days before I arrived. Thank goodness for great neighbours.

To get away from it all is the best thing for me. I mean really away. Beyond cell phone range, off the power grid, no internet or TV. To a simple and quiet place. Myself. No planned activities. No schedule. ahhhhhhhh...

I go to sleep when the cabin is too dark and am awoken by the rising sun. The fresh air pulls me outside and leads me to explore the roads and paths. Things that jammed up my mind in town drift away easily on the breeze, replaced by the awe and wonder I feel about nature.

Everyone should have a place they can go (physically or mentally) to escape the stresses of modern life. Cherish those places. Protect them and they will protect you.


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