Mermaids as Home Security

Here is a collection of mermaid art pieces that grace my southern home. I suppose you could look at them as my home security system. It is very high tech. 

Mermaids have a strong spirit. 

 Just today I received this lovely mermaid as a gift. Some great friends thought of me!! Of course she looks just like me . Not! She is at my driveway side door. She will greet visitors.

 This mermangel has been with me a long time. I found her at an Art Gallery in Selkirk Manitoba. She was at the side door but has been moved to the side wall , near the side door and carport.

 This gal is my largest mermaid. I purchased her right after buying this house. I found her in a boutique in Fredericksburg. She hangs at the front wall of the front porch. She is seen from the street.

 This mermaid with the fish is camped out on one side of my huge rock shed. She is also visible from the street. I like how her hair kind of covers her endowments.

 I like the detail on this mermaid. She is on the rock shed but facing into the backyard. I bought her at a gardening centre at Fuzzy's Corners.

My good friend C.K. gave me this beauty. She is inside the Tuff Shed, and declares that this space is for mermaids.

Plywood and some black paint was what it took to make this one. I drew out the design and B.S. cut it out for me. So it was a nice team effort. We had built an end wall for privacy on the back porch and above it, I noticed that I could see 14 (if not more) powerlines in this little strip of sky. So I needed to blot some of that out.

This cast iron beauty is from a thrift store. The glass bead on her lap is dug up from the dirt in the yard. She has a strong connection to this place.

And last but not least, here is a door knocker mermaid. She is at the front door. This was a lovely gift from my friend T.W. She really works well.

And so you can see I am surround by many strong spirits. Mermaid Power!!


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