First rugs off the Loom

Here are the first three little rugs that have come off the Harrisville Rug Loom. The very first one I wove is the furthest back. For all three I devised the pattern charts and chose I great variety of old stash yarns. 

In the picture above you see the side of the rugs that I saw as I was weaving. 

In this second photo you are seeing the reverse side of the rugs. The exact opposite color is found on the back. This is the side that was underneath as I was weaving. This is an interesting fact about the technique I am using; that both sides are equally usable. 

In the third photo you can see both sides of the second rug I made. It is quite modern compared to the two others. 

The fourth rug is an expanded pattern based on the first one. It was really fun to weave. And what a good stash buster project! For the orange weft yarn I held three different yarns together. And for the black weft, I also held three yarns together.

The three pieces have been cut apart. Due to a short warp that was on the loom when I got it, I simply started one rug pretty much after the last. But I know there is a
better way and will do so with my next projects.

The final photo shows the first rug piece finished, as a wall hanging. I have it in my studio, to remind me always of my first piece.


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