I am delighted to introduce the newest wheel in my studio. This is a Spin-well.  Made in Sifton, Manitoba, Canada, the wheels were first made in the 1930s and continued to be made for some years.

 There are three original bobbins plus the clamp on lazy kate plus an orifice hook. You can see the metal flyer. I think even this drive band is original.

I cleaned up the wheel and bobbins with Murphy's Oil Soap today and the wheel spins very well indeed. The name is apt.

The wide treadle is very comfortable and I can work it with either foot or with both. There is a very soft "ka-chunk" as the axle makes a revolution.

The original owner was Ruth Pierce of Blessing, Texas. I know that she was a spinner and a weaver.
At an estate sale in Fredericksburg, TX  af few years back I purchased a whole lot of the things from her weaving studio. At that time I did not need any more wheels.
On that day, a friend of mine, M.S. purchased this wheel. Yesterday she sold it to me.

The tensioning system is so simple and yet so effective: a wing nut and slider.

Unique to my wheel are the tens of autographs from spinners who were in the guild with Ruth Pierce.
When I cleaned the wheel I was careful to avoid putting any cleaner on the drive wheel.

Here is some of the wool I am spinning up quite merrily.

This sticker at the back right support shows the two ratios as determined by Ruth Pierce.

Here you can see more of the signatures. Yes I am adding my name to those of other guild members.

The wheel appears to be maple and in very good shape. I am very happy to welcome this workhorse into my stable of wheels.


  1. I have a Spinwell I picked up at a flea market and I managed to spin up some wool on it but I can't figure out how to ply it. I make the wheel go the other way. I can get the wool to ply. But I can't get it to wind on the bobbin. I have to stop everything and manually turn the bobbin so that the plied wool winds on it. Any advice? A video would be even better!


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