How can it be winter still?

How can it still be winter? There was no snow this time around and winter was very mild. And except for last week, no rain either. So much for El Nino. Wildflowers are carpeting the land.

But I have been keeping busy with my crafts and my teaching.

 The new window is installed at the Fibernaculum. This is a renovated cistern building. I am now using it for fiber preparation and dyeing. The window frame and trim is painted.

There are even pretty curtains on the inside.

A good thrift store find were these heavy duty curtains.

The stack of fleeces has piled up higher in the Fibernaculum,  Oh boy. I could be busy a long time here.

Underway is a blue baby blanket. I am using acrylics to make a simple patchwork style blanket. I like how the very easy cable looks like links in a chain.

This is a portion of the last fabric that came off Gintaras, my large loom in The Mermaid Lounge. It is an eight shaft twill. I used a thin black cotton warp that caused a lot of problems. It was hard to see, for dressing the loom; until I bought a fancy clamp on light. But then I had issues with the threads breaking. I did not bother to try to repair the breaks. So I am going to work around the "issues" and sew something nice out of this. The weft is a lovely variegated rayon slub. 

These are little shamrocks I used to decorate a chocolate cheesecake: a Rolo candy melted into the centre with a minty chocolate candy pressed into the top.

This bundle of stuff is a wool cowl I have recently completed. It has great colour and texture. A win-win.

 Everyone loves the bumpy-lumpy part and can't believe it is just stockinette and short rows.

And here is the first bobbin full off the Spin Well wheel. I think I should be calling it the Make Well Wheel. I have seen one image on the web with a decal saying so, What a great spinner!!

And this little charmer is Shasta. She is our neighbours' cat. But she seems to be living in our backyard a lot of the time.

Finally I present to you the Mexican buckeye babes. The little tree on the right budded out quite awhile ago and now is covered in leaves. I think because the plant is so small it will not flower first.
and a second Mexican buskeye just to the left has budded out in the past couple of days. At first I had thought it did not survive the transplanting. But there you go - both plants are alive and well.
Once the trees get larger I will remove the rock wall, It was a temporary protection measure.

This winter is over. How did we ever survive it????  ;)


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