Letting in a little light

 First I need to show you what has taken up a lot of my time this winter. I have completely painted the kitchen and installed new flooring. I also covered the counter and island top in a specialty paint product. I also sewed new curtains for the window and the large pantry cupboard. How do you like the hit of pink at the backsplash?

It's nice to have the kitchen freshened up and looking pretty.

 Here is a cowl project underway. Knitting. It is designed by Yumiko Alexander and is in the book Rustic Modern Knits. The rest of the length is a variety of other textural stitches. The self-striping yarn is what really caught my eye.

 And this elegant beauty is a cashmere cowl I am designing as I go. It has glass beads added in periodically. I have to be careful not to apply too many beads or the weight will pull down the cowl fabric.

And here I am showing the crocheted join that I devised for a ruana I am making. I am nearly done with the joining and now will be working on a gusset at the back of the neck. Then to figure out some sort of edging.

And what's this? I call it a cistern house and find no consensus in what people down here call it. In the narrow walkway to the right is a little door. I have cleaned out the miscellaneous storage that was in there and am renovating it to become my fibre preparation workshop.

 Yesterday I demolished the old window frame and will now have to rebuild a newer, stronger one.

Inside it is all stone and cement and will be easy to clean up after work. I will paint the walls a light colour and install a window with a slider. Then I need to build a counter and some shelving. I plan to move my picker in here, and the carder and the hackle. Also I can store fleeces and dye stuffs.


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