Happy Holidays

A year ago I had a table set up at an artists' fair and a lady noticed some bright Turkish stockings I was knitting up. She loved the colours and the wool and asked if I would make her a Christmas stocking with the same yarns. She also wanted the designs to be Andean type motifs. I agreed to take on the job.

 I really enjoyed designing and making this. I have books with traditional motifs in them. That is were I drew from, for the majority of the motifs. I charted it all out on one large sheet of graph paper. the knitting up was done at camp and the sewing and finishing was down south.

Now I just hope the lady remembers to call me up. I asked her for her contact info and instead she took my card and said she would call me. We had agreed to a price, so that part was fine.

Well if she does not appear in 2015..... anyone want to buy a unique Christmas stocking??


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