Grain Mill

 Here is the first thing I made with the flour I ground myself. It is the Italian Bread recipe that I make the most often. Really it is the leftover dough from a pizza dough that I love to make.
It turned out delicious. It was a very successful test of the new mill and the new grain.

 And the first pizza from the same dough as above. The crust was more flavourful than I am used to and have more of a crispiness which I love too.

 Here is the brute that did all the work. I received it in a swap from a friend who wanted my alto saxophone. This is very easy to use. My first whole grain experiment is with hard white wheat. I will probably use it most of the time for that. I set the coarseness to about one sixth of the way from the fine end of things.

And yesterday I made some tortillas with the same hard white wheat.

They eventually went into the making of chicken enchiladas. I also made a chunky guacamole for topping.

I am sure going to have fun with the grain mill. My favourite thing to do in the kitchen is to make bread. So now that I can expand my range of grains I am eager to try new recipes and have a healthier bread in the end. Making your flour just before you use it means you are retaining more of the nutrients. Plus starting with the whole grain you get the whole nutrition.


  1. You amaze me with all the interesting things you do Jurate!

    1. Thanks. I love to stay busy, that's for sure. And I love to learn. So why not learn more about our food?

  2. If you read Michael Pollan's book "Cooked" you will find that store-bought whole wheat bread is not exactly as advertised due to the processing needed for large production! I think it was in the book "Cooked," but I have read all his books and not sure which that info was in. For those who really want to get into home baking, he also covers using "wild" yeast and his difficulty with getting that down, but he was finally successful.

    I am enjoying my very beautiful saxophone. I will need to build up lung power from when I was a teenager though! The sax requires a lot of wind!

    1. Yes I have known about the lack of nutrition in whole wheat for some time. Also I have been trapping and making my own sourdough with wild yeasts for going on 33 years. Not easy but well worth it.
      I look forward to a concerto soon! Cheers


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