Where does the time fly?

 I suppose the time is clicking away with each stitch made. I was busy at first with a pile of knitting and some sewing. The Mr. has found out he will be a step grand-dad soon and so this grannie, a few times removed.... lol ... has sprung into action.
A little toque to start the parade of things.
 A blanket for the dog lover in all of us. See the puppy dogs? It is lined and edged with the softest knit. This is for a special wee one.
 I also made some alpaca slouchie hats for the baby and it's folks. These are all natural colours.
 Peek a boo! A blue bear!
 And this mayhem is where I create my fibery things. A little part of my studio is seen here. To the immediate right is a large double bookcase with my knitting library. In the far right you see my Mighty Wolf loom. It is still patiently waiting to be dressed.

And here is another view of the studio. My awesome very tall workbench is remarkably open in this photo. 


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