Some of the colours

 This is the senior rooster that belongs to our neighbours. There are two junior roosters there as well, so you can imagine the noise at times. We have a large backyard and the roosters spend most of their time picking at insects on our property. 
 Yesterday I carded up a few wool batts. Do you think I may have got some of my colour inspiration from that rooster? I also taught my last Guild class of the season, so it was a bit sad for me. But quite the accomplishment too, as it represented the thirtieth class I have taught in this town. All free by the way. 
 The bluebonnets are starting to bloom nicely in the back field. 
And the pear blossoms are attracting a lot of bees. 
This morning the dew hung heavy on the blades of grass. 
Fog at sunrise. Today. 


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