A little of this, a little of that

First off I finally finished 8 oz of a targhee and bamboo blend. It was a joy to spin, but because I chose thin and worsted, it took awhile. Sila the Polonaise was the workhorse on this one. I have one bobbin full and haven't decided yet what to do next.

I recently picked up some old weaving and spinning equipment, along with cellulose fiber dyes. In the box of gear were two loom cranks that I didn't need. Luckily I quickly found homes for them through Ravelry.
A bunch of window-related work has just begun around the rock house. Many panes of glass have been broken by lawnmowers throwing up rocks in the summer time. For some reason when we mow in the winter this never happens. Tomorrow the glass company is here to replace panes and re-glaze a couple more windows.

To avoid any more breakage, I have metal screens being custom made to fit all the windows of the house. The old paint around the windows is mostly black and is overdue for a paint job. Above you can also see a "lovely" shade of green that the previous owner got creative with. Whatever were they thinking? Some very old wood screens were covering the green for the last few years, but it's time for it all to go.

This window was my test case today. I scraped off old paint, sanded down all surfaces, painted on a stain-covering primer that can cover both oil and latex, and then gave it a coat of the new colour. The metal screens will be a very dark bronze and so I am trying out the same colour on the windows themselves. What do you think? Likely it will need another coat, but I want to make sure this one is cured before I go ahead with another. There is a sample screen leaning against the sill at bottom right.

Here is the driveway side, the south side, of our home. So the window I tested out today is the one at the far left. This is after I painted it. I do believe that it goes quite well with the natural and multi-hued rocks of the wall. So there is a lot of work ahead of me now. BS is not keen about painting so this is a "me" job. I bet it will all look pretty slick when it's done and the glass will be better protected.


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