Why weave?

The question might be asked "Why weave?" Could I not easily find all the clothing and household linens in the nearby thrift store, while supporting local charity organizations? Yes. I already knit and sew, amongst other fibre- and fabric-related crafts. Why not buy the yardage on sale somewhere and speed up the process? Good question. 

I weave because it is a challenge and I love to explore new things and learn. That is my definition of being alive, to be continually learning. Weaving is certainly fulfilling these goals for me. You can start out with easy projects: maybe a frame loom, a rigid heddle loom; and learn the basics there. Soon my analytical mind wants to see how the bigger machines weave. I want to learn how to manipulate threads and looms to make fabric. 
I love to challenge my mind and work on the careful threadings. Flexing the memory is a good thing as I age. When dressing the loom I might have to get into positions or stretches that are a bit challenging. That's good too. 
With larger looms the complexities increase over and over. I like that! Sometimes I invent a little device to help me with dressing the loom. Cool! 

I have only begun my exploration of this fascinating craft. I am currently threading up my first overshot structure project. As my mind races ahead with the possibilities and things I still need to learn, I am drawn closer to the past and the necessary work of my ancestors. In Lithuania the farmers had to weave to produce all the cloth needed for survival. The work of spinners and fibre producers also created ropes and cords that were vital to the farm life. 
It is for all these reasons, and more, that I weave. 


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