Heading Out

 Soon I will be locking up the studio, which is the space upstairs. Imagine the staircase and deck all in a pale silver  stain. I did that this summer. And also imagine all the ground around the studio white. Yup, there is snow on the ground and that means it is time to get out. The road we live on is not plowed, and before any significant amount accumulates, we need to scram out of here.

I always miss my studio a lot. This will be my sixth winter spent in the south, Texas to be more precise. I miss the open and flexible floor space I have in the studio. I miss the feeling of being in a treehouse. I miss seeing the lake when I sit on the deck, spinning. I brought a loom from the US that is on wheels, with the intention of wheeling it out on the deck too, but I did not get a chance to try that out. I also miss all my books.

Most of all I miss the tranquility and beauty of the boreal forest and the lake. To have this inspirational setting all around me is wonderful. Of course I have great memories to take along, as well as stacks of photographs, but there is something to be said for actually walking the trail and actually seeing the white ermine.


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