fox and more

First off. Early this morning a local fox decided to have a nap just outside our livingroom window. At this point she had licked one leg (it seemed she might have been limping a little). And soon after the photo she put her head down and dosed for an hour.

And here is the rainbow jacket. It is knit using a shadow knitting technique. The diamond shape is only visible from some angles. Being wool, it will be a good fall jacket.
For the last few days I have been staining the studio stairs and deck. This was a large task. The milk crates in the foreground are protecting some painted turtle egg clutches. Altogether we have about thirteen or so protected. They should be hatching any day now.
The other big project is a small shed that will house new solar equipment. Panels will sit on the tall side of the shed. Today we got the shingles up on that steep roof. glad that chore is over too. BS is doing a great job building this.


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