So many new things

A lot of crafty things are happening. Because I am so busy in the studio, not a lot of time is spent getting online. I have started to flick and card the white Rambouillet fleece. This was so heavy with lanolin that I have washed it on two separate occasions. So far the carding is going well, albeit slowly. Stay tuned for photos of that. I will be spinning it for a fancy sweater or jacket project. 

I probably posted pictures of this quilt top last summer. At that point I had the central blue parts done.  The graphic design is called Tippicanoe. I am going with a marine theme for this quilt. It is a king sized coverlet. This summer so far I have added the narrow green frame around the blue blocks. Then I still wanted it wider, and so I found this medium brown. Plus I had just enough of the yellow and orange fabrics, from the centre of the canoes, to use in a big block in each corner. Today I did most of the machine quilting of this blanket. That is not an easy task, let me admit that right away. This is one big quilt. I will be doing some hand quilting as well. As this project progresses, watch for more updates. 

Now this colourful object is a knitted work in progress. In these three images you are seeing the same piece of knitting. It is one half of a jacket. The sleeve is the flaring portion in the lower centre. Towards the top of the photo is the left front of the jacket (to the left) and the left back (on the right). 
It is called the Rainbow jacket and is designed by Vivian Hoxbro. 

The technique used to make this project is called shadow knitting. By using simple techniques, you alternate the position of garter stitch ridges. From some angles theblack  dominates. From other directions the multi-colour rainbow jumps out at you. 

 Look how black the portion outside of the diamond shape is when viewed at a very low angle. Neat-o!

And this charmer is Helga. She went to live with a dear friend, where she lounges poolside and soaks up the rays.
These bright fingerless mitts were just something to occupy the afternoon. Eventually I hope to make a hat to match.

I have made a few other things already this summer, but either don't have pictures or I've already displayed them here. (Lithuanian socks, a woven shawl, Ribwarmer Vest ).


  1. Can't wait to see how the quilt and the rainbow sweater turns out. Helga is a work of art. You are talented and amazing Jurate. Love, Karen


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