So little time...

 How's this for a cool little gadget? I bought it recently for a few dollars to have as a decoration. It is from an old ribbon weaving loom. The wooden box or base was mounted vertically on the front of a giant loom, with the thread feeding out the hole in the top of the handle. The base of the shuttle is notched and a cog wheel adjusts the angle of the shuttle on the base. As I hold the smooth, worn handle, I wonder about how many miles of ribbon were woven.

 I have been remiss at photographing completed projects (as all my friends are informing me) so I am going to try to catch up. But as you all know I would rather be crafting....

Above is a piece that came off the loom last night. Blue cotton warp, with alternating bright green and sage green weft segments. It is a balanced twill pattern. I had two crossed threads at the start and one warp thread broke midway into the weaving. Both are easy fixes.

Detail of the twill above. The warp is running left-right. This piece will wind up being a baby sling. It was a bit dark in the room when I photographed this. It is really blue and green.

This pink cloth is the cotton and rayon girlie version of the baby sling. I have this one all finished up and with the rings sewn in place. (why baby slings? Because they are simple rectangles).

Stay tuned for photos of baby slings in action!


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