Wintertime creativity

Hello Folks, It's wintertime, even in Texas and sometimes it means we are indoors more than usual. I have been doing some weaving lessons from a book on the small Medico loom. Yesterday I was trying my hand at tapestry weaving. I still have some issues with tension, but the main part of the instructions I am getting! My days have also been occupied with painting the family room with the same colour scheme as the adjacent dining room . In this photo the floor only has one coat of "parsley". Once varnished it will look very spiffy!

 A recent visit to some yarn stores means I have new things to play with. This fuzzy yarn (cotton based actually) was begging to be paired with this shiny ribbon yarn. I am designing on the fly, as is pretty common with me. The mermaid is contemplating a stole or wrap with this lightweight pairing. I can't help but think of some sedimentary rock layers when I knit on this.

 I like the idea of knitting several strips (very portable and I like the colour variegation at that frequency). I am thinking about joining the strips with a crocheted join from the good side, thus making a shiny frame around each colourful block. I may also vary the length of each strip to make some geometric interest at the front edges.

 Another Work in Progress; knitting. It's a design I came up with a couple of years back, that I called the Silver Islet Cape. The pointy V hangs down the back and the two wings wrap around your shoulders and arms and come to the front where they can be buttoned or pinned. I have made one before and gave it away as a gift. So now this one will be for me.
You can't see from the photo but there is a gold lurex thread in with the multi-coloured, multi-fibre strand. The second strand is a homogeneous, medium brown, Texas merino. The latter came from a sheep called Sambo. What remains to be done is some sort of edging at least around the bottom edges (top and right in that photo); it still needs some thought.
There are other crafty things of the go to. On top of all this, the Guild meetings are humming along and I am kept busy with lesson plans, class notes and staying one step ahead of my students!


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