Blue Marble

The other day we celebrated 45 years since the Apollo 8 astronauts took the first image of "blue marble earth". Has it been that long?

What a lovely looking place to live, especially if you like water, as I do. The physical aspects of the rocky upper crust, combined with a suitable hydrosphere and atmosphere, make this a humdinger piece of real estate.

Since this first photo of the Blue Marble, many satellites now circle the earth ceaselessly, taking snaps all the time.

Being a geologist I am often mesmerized by the images of erupting volcanoes. No place on the planet is too remote for satellites to see.

For me the New Year's Eve is a time to reflect on where I've been and where I am going. Like a satellite in orbit, I try to find some distance from the here and now.
Since I am away from camp right now, I can think about it objectively. This year we completed the second of the boat barns and now all of our storage needs are taken care of. Garden plots were established so that we can grow more of our own food. And at long last I set up a lovely little library in the garage, where I can easily access all of my books. This is truly a luxury to me.
About the only thing that remains to be improved at camp would be the main cabin. The kitchen is not well laid out and it too much of a "traffic lane" in that tiny cabin. The fridge lives out on the back porch because it doesn't fit indoors. And at some point it would be nice not to have to walk to outside buildings for a shower, bathroom or laundry purposes. Ideally there should be more windows or patio doors facing the lake. So you can see, there are some things I can dream about and maybe one day I can do something about it.
But for now it's back to today and a wish for each and everyone of you for a Happy New Year 2014.


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