Rolling through the fun

My current work in progress is this mohair and merino lacy shawl. It will look much better when blocked out, at the end. I am using all Texas fibre for this one.
Here is another square that will join some others for a Cable Block Poncho I am designing. All the blue and green pics below are part of the same project.
This cable is lovely. It is called French Braid and I love how the twists drift back and forth by a few stitches periodically.
Not cabled, but funky none the less.
We recently attended the Junior Livestock show in our home town. I tried to convince these mohair goats to come home with me. They were having none of it, preferring to stick around for their moment of glory in the show ring.
And my favourite shot for today: at a recent guild meeting in a nearby town...a young gal (member of the public who was touring the museum that day) learns to spin on a great wheel. Awesome!


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