No plugs please!

I know this for a fact. My preference is for the simple things in life. This loom, for example. It requires no electricity. Even inside, it will be beside a bank of windows and chances are I won't need lights on when I am operating it. Not only am I saving money by not using electricity, but I can keeping working and playing when the power goes down. There is something to be said for the resourceful inventors and pioneers that came before us.

This is my new (used) Leclerc Nilus II jack floor loom. Some of the pieces are outside of the view of this image. Things are being cleaned up before coming into the house. In the image you can see a loom, a warping reel (with round base), a bench and the beater bar. The warping beam is the other big part you can't see there (just a little edge of it at far right). The weaving width is 45 inches, but when I get the flying shuttle beater attached (sometime down the road) it will be about 7 feet wide. Off to stretch out this little rock house....

I can't wait to get this beauty assembled - today I hope! The house is a Fiberholics Obstacle Course after bringing this in, plus add in a very successful day at an auction house yesterday! Cones and shuttles in boxes everywhere.


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