Minstrel Wheel

Ta Da!! Here is the Minstrel Spinning Wheel, set up in my guest bedroom. Notice the chestnut quarter horse grazing in the first field and the sheep in the next pasture! Okay, so the glare didn't allow for that... behind the chair is a Schwinn exercise bike, so the room is now devoted to spinning round and round.
I bought the wheel unfinished and then applied two coats of tung oil to protect it a bit. This wheel is virtually identical to the antique one I bought in April, which now happily inhabits my studio in the North.

Now to the nitty gritty shots. Here is a close up of the flyer and my first "production". I can't call it yarn yet, it has to be plied and then I can knit with it.

Two friends have given me Romney wool fleece to get me going and this is the product of what GM gave me. OK , so there are thick and thin bits... would you believe me if I said that's the effect I am going for? There is a presumption that I will get better as time goes on. We shall see. So far this wheel is much nicer to use than the antique.


  1. What a perfectly lovely photo! Your wheel is beautiful ~ have great fun and success with your spinning, it looks like you are well on the way ;)

  2. Your yarn looks great! Spinning is a journey, enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Thanks Folks. I am enjoying learning a new craft.
    Or I should say,... a very old craft.

  4. That is such a fasciianting equipment, I have never seen that before.


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