Dear Friends

Hello My Dear Friends; I hope to get to the point where communications from my northern hideout are much better; but for now I am south and finally have internet and phone and stuff hooked up. I have missed my random posts here and hope to fire it all up again.
News? BS and I and the Furry Ones enjoyed a tremendous summer at the lake. It was hotter and drier than normal, but we learned to cope with that. We worked a lot outdoors, especially Mr and I got to start playing in the studio. Mr continued on with major landscaping works (the guy has muscles!) and also built a boat barn! Stay tuned for pictures. (I am on a netbook now that does not have my photo collection on it).
In the studio I caressed and babied the antique spinning wheel and managed to create two balls of two ply wool. It will be saved for posterity and good chuckles down the road. Hopefully I will improve as a spinner. I continued on with my knitting design challenge and accomplished that by August: to devise and work up eleven new knit designs in 2011. Oh and to type up all the instructions. Mission Accomplished!
I also did some weaving and spent a fair chunk of time making partial boat covers out of a very heavy duty outdoor canvas. That was a real education and a good challenge, but I think I did a good job. Most importantly it kept the boat clean and dry and ready for cruising.
I have so much to share but will wait until I can get a few photos going (or repair the dead laptop...... probably not worth it).
I have a new spinning wheel too. I just assembled it last night, so I am off to test spin on it!


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