The Time is Upon Us

So , clearly this is not where I live right now. In a former life I lived on Baffin Island, way up there beside Greenland. A lovely spring day in the Arctic invited one out to romp and play: the wind tousling the few strands of hair that weren't well tucked into the helmet. But now my spring times are hot and dry. I miss Home North and its inviting lake. Even if it's too cool yet for swimming there, the shoreline becomes a place to hang out and catch a cool breeze. The new boat will provide a floating lounge for us this summer. And I'm contemplating all the fresh fish we will catch off the front end of our fishing model. Soon it will be time to load up the furry ones in the van. Actually the back seat is down and covered with a moving blanket. They have cushions aplenty and I stop so often it's a wonder I make it all the way in three days. Look out Canada! This little family is getting ready for the long trek to Home North. Expect us in under three weeks now!


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