On the Wing

On the Wing. This is the name of the lace pattern from Vogue Stitchionary 5. Although it doesn't look it, right now this is a simple rectangle. The decent amount of reverse stockinette stitch background means the variegation in the yarn colour has a chance to show.

My camera work here isn't the best. It is dawn and I'm in a dark room, using the flash. The colours are most definitely washed out. But you get the beginnings of an idea of where I am going with this.

This panel will form the front or back of a summer tunic. I think I will run it up pretty much straight, no shaping. I am intrigued with making it a boat collar, therefore not disrupting the lace pattern. And I think it will drape nicely at the neck.

Then I will knit up side panels in the same yarn I think, but a different pattern. And so waist shaping will probably be incorporated there. Sleeves I will determine as I approach the end and see how much yarn I have left over. It is Auracania Silk, (will get the tag name to you at some point). I have five hanks.

I won't get much done on this over the next few days because I will be on the wing too. The annual trek of the Snowbird begins!


  1. What a pretty pattern, and your idea sounds lovely ;)

    Safe travels to you, as you make your way north!

  2. Thanks Cary; I love road tripping and so I am looking forward to this trek.

    Glad you like the new lace idea. I think it will work out.


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