Hat Love

I've hat a love for you ever since I was a child. Father making me squint into the harsh sun; all while waiting for several family photos to be snapped. I hated that. I quickly learned to adopt a hat and sunglasses. Sun screen was added to the daily list once that modern marvel came along.

And as an exploration geologist it was always important to be very observant. Whether doing the navigation in the co-pilot's seat, or trying to spot the gossanous glint on a far rock outcropping, or determine if that was a polar bear or just an arctic wolf stalking me,... it was always important to see well and see it all immediately.

Therefore hats have always been very important to me. I still wear them all the time outside on a bright day. Hats can quickly add some panache to an otherwise plain outfit. They can put you in a playful mood. Some hats will lend an air of mystery to your persona! Suck in your cheeks and you too could be a jet setter about to fly off to the Riviera for some sun. What fun!


  1. In Texas, I don't wear hats often, but should. I had one with a string that you could pull up tight for the mostly windy days where I live, but the goats ate a big hole in it and I have not replaced it.

    Here, you have to always watch the ground for the ever-present rattlesnake danger. But I love to look at the cutouts on IH-10 showing all the depths and layers and different types of rocks. Also love the river-created cutouts.

    Guess I should have studied geology in college instead of communications!



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