Super-sized sparrows? Only in Texas!

So is it just the cold medication I'm taking, or have my sparrows suddenly blossomed out into something more delectable? Only in Texas would the sparrows be this large. Everything is big in Texas.
Sing around the campfire, join the campfire girls? Hmmm. Why did I drive all the way to the grocery store today, when supper came strutting by?

"Officer, I swear that bird attacked me. I had to defend myself. Then pluck it and bleed it ; dip it and bread it; brown it and roast it...."

When I'm home being sick with a cold and under siege by monster sparrows I knit. This is a short scarf I made using two balls of alpaca yarn. This is so soft to the touch and very warm.

The stitch pattern in the Siemens Brioche, which is completely reversible. I found in Natalie Marchant's Brioche book. There's a plethora of beautiful inspiration in that book.
..I wonder ...what kind of wine goes best with sparrow?...


  1. Those are Rhode Island Reds, I believe, one of the most prolific egg layers. One of the older area gentlemen told me that some of them lay 2 eggs a day! So instead of cooking the chicken you should have let it live, eat all the bugs in your area, and lay you an egg or two a day. I guess though they wandered on. I know you were only joking, but if they wander by again, kidnap them and have a steady source of extremely tasty eggs.



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