Discards of the Rich

So here we all are in Phoenix, the land of the sun. And in case you've never been here, the land of the rich and the botoxed. The only reason we "naturals" are allowed in is to that the beautiful people can look even more beautiful by comparison. OK so I am kidding around here...

But one thing that really strikes me is the excess here. In every aspect of life. The huge amounts of water used to simply irrigate someone's front lawn and rose bush. A plant that should not be growing normally in this desert environment. The water that spills down the road from a broken lawn irrigation system, owners oblivious to the huge waste. Green grass lawns..??.... they look so out of place here. Homes are on the huge side and too large for a typical family size. And it seems the contents of homes are too much as well.

So far at the curbside trash I've picked up great lumber (including redwood planks), a fancy bicycle trailer for towing children (or maybe dogs who are quite aged), a saxophone (web research reveals worth to be anywhere from 350 to 2000 buckeroos -- but hey! Why not donate to a school music program??) and a guitar, that looks like it was never played. Of course there is tons more , a lot of it in very good shape.

I've seen a few other smart people doing what I am doing. Cruising around and keeping an eye open for the goodies. I'm glad for us scavengers. Salvagers. It only makes sense. Reuse and recycle. Most things will only need the weather brushed off and they are good for another round of life!


  1. Our whole society and OCED countries have been on an orgy of waste--not just the airheaded rich. We have all been airheaded, but speaking for myself, I didn't have the money to be so airheaded as you describe. It is now known that all the Arizona real estate will be worth absolutely zero because the aquifer that enabled the profligate waste is nearing full depletion. Wish I had been there though to collect those things you describe and recovered to reuse.


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